We are here for you…

Settling into university and living as part of a residential community can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we have a dedicated team who are here to help.

We’re also the only residential college to have a dedicated wellbeing professional as part of our staff. Julie Sparrow, our Counsellor and Wellbeing Programs Advisor, can assist with a range of health issues which impact your overall wellbeing.

Julie can help you work through issues relating to anxiety and stress, time management, relationships and loneliness, sexuality, alcohol and drug use, as well as grief and loss.

Health and wellbeing

During the year, we invite the UWA Health Promotion Unit to present at the College. This is one of the many things we do to help residents prioritise their wellbeing. You’ll learn about issues such as sleep, alcohol use, as well as relationships.

UWA also have an extensive recreation program as well as a fully-equipped gymnasium and aquatic centre. There is a Medical Centre on the UWA campus, and a wellbeing space called The Living Room, where you can access counselling and guidance.

Your RAs are essential resources for you while staying at Trin. Your Wing RAs are ready to help you with any matter, and a Duty Officer is on duty every night to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Learn about safety

Get to know Julie

Julie is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and is available to see students on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.

Her favourite thing about working at Trin is the green spaces and beautiful trees throughout the College grounds. Enjoying time outside is a great way to look after yourself and is something Julie encourages all residents to enjoy.

Julie will get to know you during O-Week. She offers a range of programs throughout the year such as: yoga, mindfulness, drumming, meditation, and the chance to participate in qualification courses such as Mental Health First Aid.

Academic support

Supporting you academically is very important to us. You are here to accomplish your learning goals and embrace new opportunities.

Your chosen university has many resources that you can readily to access. These include programs such as UniMentor, StudySmarter sessions as well as academic tutoring. If you can’t find the support that you’re looking for, our Resident Services Support team can help connect you to the right person.

We also offer a variety of different academic programs on-site here at the College. You can choose to:

  • Learn a new language, improve your general writing, Excel, and research skills, get tutoring in a specific course unit, improve your English-speaking skills, notetaking tips, and exam techniques.
  • We also give you treats during exam periods, such as yoga sessions, relaxation and massage, and goodie study packs!
  • Make the most of our purpose-built Study Centre, which is an ideal space for you to work quietly or in small groups.