Personal safety

Perth is generally a very a safe city. You have easy access to buses, a share car, bikes and scooters to help get you around.

The College is fully fenced with access via special coded gates. We also employ a Duty Officer every night of the year to patrol the campus and respond to any emergencies or student concerns. You can lock your room, and your wing building can only be opened by wing residents. Your RAs can also assist you in any emergency.

If you feel unsafe at university, there is a security team to escort you back to campus. You just have to call them or use the mobile app.

Safety is a shared responsibility. So, if you ever feel at risk make sure to approach a staff member or an RA. We want everyone to feel secure, comfortable and able to talk to someone if ever you need.

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Security systems

Unique access fob keys are required for both the wings, facilities and grounds of Trinity Residential College.

We have security cameras across the site, as well as staff members who live on-site and can be contacted in an emergency.

The campus is a 30-second walk from The University of Western Australia, which has a 24-hour Security Operations Centre, and safety escorts should you ever feel unsafe on the UWA campus.